What To Expect From Your Delivery Captain

by | Jul 21, 2019

Many vessel owners are not sure the process of making their boat ready, or the needs of our USCG Master Captains and teams to operate safely and without incident.  Here we will learn what a Premium Captains Master Captain will need and expect from you before they can begin your delivery.

So the first step would be for us to make sure that you have had a chance to read through the entire Premium Captains Agreement so that you are aware of the rules of engagement and our operating policies which have been placed by our legal team from a huge amount of experience and trial and error. The operating agreement is much like a hand book fo reference as well.  That being said, there are a few items that we like to make sure every boat owner we do a delivery for is clear on. These are standard for delivery jobs in this industry, and we have outlined them below in detail:

For payment:  We require 50% of the total estimated payment we sent in the quote, Plus $1000 which covers:

Necessary Safety & Mechanical Provisions: (lines, fenders, fuel filters, extra impeller, belts, or other gear needed to move the boat safely. It’s not always easy to get to a store along the way, or it could be out in the ocean that something breaks, so certain necessary items have to be purchased ahead of time.

 For example, if the main belt on the motor breaks, then we can’t easily maneuver the boat, especially if there’s no wind so we have to keep an extra one or two aboard.

Interior Provisions: interior boat/kitchen  (items such as paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaner, hand soap, utensils, cups, utensils/dishes to eat on and prepare basic meals with. These will need to be purchased if they are not already aboard the boat.

Overnight Accommodations: (marina slip fees). Sometimes we can anchor out but that is never assumed. This all depends on the weather and wind and the time of day/night that we are able to make it to different stopping points. It’s always better to assume every night will be in a marina just in case. Average nightly marina costs are about $150 per night, just depends on the location

Average cost is about $1.50 per foot and then anywhere from $15-$20 for electricity and then $8-10 for ice to fill up the cooler in the morning.

Coast Guard required safety gear – Life jackets, first aid kit, flare kit Anything that is legally required by the US Coast Guard for the boat to be operated legally and safely.

A lot of this depends on what was left aboard. If these items have to be purchased, they will be left with the boat for you once we leave. They would all have to be purchased anyway for you to use the boat properly and safely, so it’s a cost that is going to have to be incurred either way.

Whatever we do not use out of that $1,000 for the above listed items, will go toward paying us the other 50% of the trip when we square up with you after we deliver the vessel to you in

**Preferable payment is via Paypal with the Friends & Family option…this option has no fees and is best for both parties.

The number of days allotted on the agreement is what it is estimated to take in travel days to deliver the boat.  If it goes over that amount, you as the Owner will be responsible for paying the daily rate for the extra days needed. This could be due to weather delays or mechanical troubles or any amount of time the delivery team is on the vessel working on behalf of the owner and the vessel.

Weather: As also stated in the agreement, for a weather delay day(s) where the crew is not working on behalf of something necessary on the vessel and is just waiting for the weather to clear they will be compensated the standard amount for that day. we keep in communication with you along the way as much as possible so you are aware of our daily progress!

Travel expenses: Expenses for the delivery crew are paid for by you the Owner. Expenses include cost of fares, whether it’s airfare, train tickets, car rentals, fuel for car rentals, Uber-Lyft, taxis, busses, ferries, including tips, tolls. These costs are kept to a minimum and we work with you to make travel plans as affordable as possible.

Insurance:  The vessel is required to have current insurance that covers crew, and any medical expenses incurred in the course of the delivery should be covered by the insurance on your vessel or should be out of pocket for expenses related to the trip.

We have no way of knowing the state of the vessel until we actually get to the vessel. The captains will call the owner and get as close of an actual picture as he can of the seaworthiness of the vessel and the provisions aboard.

Preperations:  We charge $400 a day for boat preparation and safety checks. It would be foolish for us, and an injustice to you, to hop aboard a boat that has not been checked and take off. For its safety, and ours, the Captain has to gain general knowledge and do checks of the boat before we leave…anything on a boat can break at any time. We have to make sure that everything is safe and secure before we are able to leave.

Again, please make sure to read the agreement in entirety, but these are certain areas that customers and new owners tend to have questions about, so we wanted to make sure that everything was clear and highlighted separately.