What IS a Premium Captain?

What makes a Premium Captain?

Premium Captains – not paper captains! Haha …

really tho, there are VERY many people who can get their captains license in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately if someone was in the military, say, working as a cook, they technically are able to claim their time on the water, but have NEVER steered or docked a boat! YET they can pass a number of stringent tests and BOOM – they hold their license.

This is scary, and if anyone knows the captains market in South Florida, they know that for every experienced captain, there are 10 paper captains (very inexperienced, but hold the license), and the general public (boat owners) can have a tough time deciphering between them. 

THIS is where we feel our value begins.  Our Premium Captains vetting process begins with a request for an current CV and copy of current MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential….their captain’s license), an interview (phone or in person); background checks, verification of years of service, proof of fiscal responsibility; drug screening; insurance credibility; and finally a psychological evaluation before we ever place them on our clients vessels. 

Our vetting process uses technology and psychology to further vet and get to know our team, so that

  • You the BROKER can feel assured that you are getting the right personnel to support your clients. 

  • You the BOAT OWNER can sleep well at night knowing that the hired crew is held to a much higher standard than just any ol’ captain.

  • And to you the INSURANCE UNDERWRITER confident that our vetting team has done the hard work FOR you so that you can know that any Premium Captain we add to your policy serves the lowest risk in the industry. 

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