America’s Approved Yacht Training Captains

At, we provide experienced, vetted captains for engineering, close quarter maneuvering, insurance sign-off’s and training on motor yachts and sailing yachts from 40-100ft including mono-hull, multi-hull, and catamarans.

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Some of our previous trips have included:

  • 65 Ferretti | Miami – Tampa ($3600)
  • Lagoon 42 | Ft Laudy – St Aug ($2400)
  • 420 Scout | Ft Laudy – Nassau ($1400)
  • 46 Ft Pajot | Key West – Beaufort ($6300)
  • SeaRay 500 | Tampa – NYC ($7500)
  • 65 Fairlaine | Fort Laudy – Abaco ($1400)
  • 72 Princess | NYC – Miami ($8500)
  • Lagoon 450 | Kemah – Clearwater ($3700)
  • 56 Johnson | Miami – Tampa ($2800)
  • 42 Cabo | Stuart – Beaufort ($2300)
  • Leopard 44 | Ft Laudy – Nassau ($2800)
  • Gemini 105 MC |Ft Laudy – NYC ($9000)

Premium Captains was a good choice for us, we were so impressed by their background vetting of captains, they ensure background checks and psychological evaluations of all of their captains. 

Good to know who’s on your boat, we really know we can trust Premium Captains for our  relocation New York when needed. Thanks again guys!

Roger C.

65' Marquis - Yacht Delivery, May 2017

owner insurance training sign-offs

You’ve watched the YouTube shows, sold a rental home, and have purchased a new boat! Woah – No one told you your insurance wouldnt let you steer your own boat on your own.

We are your captain of record and walk you through understanding your boats systems and train you in the operations of your new vessel. Your insurance will likely require you to engage in active New Owner Training which is more the norm than the exception.

 Speak with us today about what to expect as a new owner.


vessel fitness program for vacant owners

We put eyes on everything.  

When boats sit and are not used, subject to the elements of the universe, entropy can be more rapid.  Our Vessel Fitness Program is designed to alleviate future problems so that when you arrive at your boat, she is truly ready for her service to you and your family.

Wash downs

We have a lot of birds including parrots in the South Florida tropics who find sailboat masts to be their favorite perch.  They gather the berries from the surrounding palm trees and deposit the staining berry poo including the seeds to the top deck of the boats.  VERY annoying but this is the life here in South Florida.  Between the berry seeds and the acid in the poo, it will stain the fiberglass deck of your brand new boat.  It needs to be washed weekly.  Often times the iguanas will board the boats and enjoy the sunshine, then leave staining deposits on the decks of the boats as well.  Rats are large in South Florida and may board the boat causing a lot of trouble as well.

Underwater Maintenance

There is a lot of electricity in the waters due to aged construction, poor care of other surrounding boats putting harmful voltage directly into the water.  This voltage will attack your boat in SO many ways.  We use a soft metal (zinc) to allow the electricity to eat the diode first protecting the boats internal systems.  Each neighborhood has a different amount of power in the water and the pics can be eaten away often within one month causing an open season on the internal power systems of your brand new boat.
Furthermore, the canals in south Florida are all salt water thus require underwater cleanings of the hull to knock off the damaging barnacles who attache to the bottom paint.  Depending on the kind of paint, the materials within the paint, and the number of coats used to initially cover the bottom, barnacles and oysters can still attach and drill thru the paint curing damage.  They need to be knocked off.

Shakin it Down


We have a Vessel Fitness Program designed for vacant owners such as yourself to ensure your boat stays in tip top shape with weekly or twice monthly wash downs, underwater maintenance, zinc diodes, and full systems reports. This includes taking the boat out of her slip, exercising all systems on the boat, lifting the sails (once rigged) and putting all systems under load.




Competitive Rates

Research with confidence knowing that your hard earned money will be respected and your boat will be honored like it was one of our own.

Master Captains

All of our captains are USCG or RYA Master Captains with a lengthy experience from charter boats, trial runs, and boat or yacht delivery.

Owner Training

Our developed syllabus is proven to fat tracking new boat owners’ confidence in handling your boat in close quarter situations.

Passage Planning

Your first trip to The Bahamas? Learn to handle provisioning, navigation planning, and customs/immigration processes from the pros! 

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Again, Thanks Domonic for taking such good care of the boat while moving it to Hopetown in the Abacos for me. Well done and look forward to seeing you again for the next time. 


65' Fairlane Squadron - Yacht Delivery, July 2019

What is a Premium Captain?

What is a Premium Captain? We personally “handpick” and vet each of our yacht captains so you can have peace of mind knowing you have a well-trained professional “showing you the ropes”!

Our Captains and Vetting Process: Every one of our “Premium Captains” has:* A USCG Master Captain Certification or RYA (European Certification) 

* Over 730 days “on the water” of actual piloting a motor or sail yacht 
* Been interviewed and vetted for certifications, background, and professional references

Premium Captains Deliver Motor Yachts & Sailing Boats

Based out of South Florida, we ARE captains, so we KNOW captains. We are well acquainted with other captains, owners and brokers in this industry…the good, the bad and the ugly. We know what you as a boat owner values, and what you will not tolerate.

We do the vetting process for you, including reference and background checks, and evaluations that assess the technical and interpersonal skills of each captain we offer .

When you hire one of our Premium Captains, you already KNOW we have found you “one of the good ones”!

Becoming a PremiumCaptain

Become a PremiumCaptain


“Our insurance required us to have a 40 hour training. We thought we were ready, but wow we learned so much more during our training with Premium Captains - invaluable - Thank you”

John Osbourne – 44 Leopard

“Thank you Ambrosia and your team from making sure everything was thought out for a two week relocation on our new Lagoon 450. With gained confidence, we felt secure knowing you had our backs.”

Chip & Darbie Mauls, Maine

“Premium Captains helped me prepare for the seemingly challenging world of captaining, navigating, and gave us amazing docking tip all in a matter of weeks!”

Gregg Foust – Bali 43

Flat Rate Delivery Captain

Our team is built with US Coast Guard Master Captains providing professional yacht delivery and relocations of BOTH motor and sailing yachts, power boats, and catamarans.

Whether you need to hire a boat delivery Captain to efficiently and safely deliver your vessel for you, or you need a yacht delivery captain to assist with training underway. Maybe you just need a relief delivery captain to accompany you and take watch rotations for overnight Gulf of Mexico crossings. We’ve got you covered!

Our Captains can cover a myriad of yacht delivery and vessel relocation situations:

  • Local and non-local boat delivery
  • Inland Waters, Near Shore, and Offshore Skilled Captains
  • Atlantic Coast/ East Coast Yacht Delivery
  • Gulf Coast Boat Delivery (Kemah)
  • The Bahamas Yacht and Catamaran Delivery
  • Caribbean Delivery and Vessel Relocation
  • Florida Keys Waterway Passage 
  • Florida Okeechobee waterway (The Ditch)

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So you want to buy a boat?

We’ve Got You Covered With Experienced Master Captains For Sea Trials & Pre-sales Consultations:

Thinking of purchasing a new yacht? Or already have one in mind? Need a captain to take you out on a sea trial before you buy? We already provide this service to several main yacht brokerages in Fort Lauderdale. Our captains know what to expect, the questions you need answered, and how to stretch a vessel so you can really assess what she is made of…BEFORE you buy!

Safety checks:

Not sure if your vessel will pass a Coast Guard inspection…we do! Let us walk through your boat with you and give you the peace of mind to KNOW that all of your safety and navigation systems are in order. This service is also provided before any vessel delivery or relocation that we perform.

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What IS a Premium Captain?

What IS a Premium Captain?

What makes a Premium Captain? Premium Captains – not paper captains! Haha … really tho, there are VERY many people who can get their captains license in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately if someone was in the military, say, working as a cook, they technically are able...